Our Mission

Bringing tasteful textiles from around the globe to the North American distributors, jobbers and manufacturers in a frustrate-free manner, turn-key manner is our goal at Illerom Trading Inc.

We love textiles, we love the business of textiles and the style that originates from the cultural diversity.  We love to share these found treasures with our friends and community.

Illerom Trading Inc’s Methods


Indoor & Outdoor

Residential Upholstery

Residential Drapery



Commercial Office



Partnering with industry leading distributors, jobbers and manufacturers, Illerom Trading Inc textiles are available exclusively through these channels.

With our domestic warehouse, ITC grades out the hiccups of logistics for our partners.

Custom Textiles

Illerom Trading Inc believes in the power of choice and thus all of our textiles are available to customize on low minimum quantities.  Color, pattern and performances are just a few ways to customize.

Power of Partnerships

With over 80 years of combined experience in the textile trade, Illerom’s in house management strength pails in comparison to the strength of our industry partners.

On the manufacturing side, our strengths in transparency, openness and feedback transpires from the development side all the way through manufacturing and logistics.

On our customer’s side, Illerom Trading Inc’s motto of ‘never fail the customer’ ensure our partner’s success.

Strength and ease in the supply chain is in our power of partnerships.