Performance as a Finish

Performance as a Finish

Historically, fibers, design and quality have been the differentiating factors when discussing woven textiles.  However, consumer awareness and requirements have pushed performance to the front of the conversation.

Our market is getting complicated with California’s AB2998, the Federal government’s mandate for Cal TB 117 and now the ban on all PFAS product.

Illerom’s offerings range from inherently cleanable fibers to offering C6  or  C0 to natural items.  Illerom will continue to provide finishes by choice.  This allows our manufacturers and distributors

Key Initiatives

Natural Fabrics

Items made of natural fibers such as wool are cleanable, stain resistant and still pass most (if not all) of the requirements set forth by ACT, IIDA, etc.  Although items like this are relatively limited compared to their engineer counterparts, more and more fabrics are headed this way.


The standard for commercial textiles with many brand names and brand tweaks, this is the stain and soil repellency the industry has come to know.

The C6 Finish ensures:

  • FR Code Compliance
  • Repellency
  • Cleanability
  • Enhances:
    • Resistance against Pilling
    • Seam Strength
    • Abrasion

PFAS Free Finishing

The new technology aka C0 is quickly becoming the new standard due to environmental pressure placed on PFAs free finishes.  These finishes are still maturing but offer minimal protection against oil or alcohol based stains.  PFAs Free Finishing offers very strong water based stein repellency for polyester fabrics and decent repellency for blended fabrics, acrylic, nylon, cotton, silk, wool, linen, viscose and other fibers.

CHOICE for the Future

Although we have some collections with specific finishes for specific reasons, Illerom ensures our customers have choice.  While the standardization of c6 will continue, c0 will be an option going forward.  Additionally, our future designs will try to incorporate natural and inherently cleanable items.

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